Publish your puzzle in our Users’ Gallery

The Users’ Gallery is the place where ALL users can publish their puzzles to the whole I’m a Puzzle community. At I’m a Puzzle, anyone can create their own puzzle using our easy-to-use puzzle maker and share it with your friends or community. On top of that, you can also publish it in the Users’ Gallery making it visible for the whole world.

To submit a picture to the Users’ Gallery all you have to do is to set the Privacy field to Public when creating and sharing a puzzle. You need also to login so that we can identify you as the puzzle author. Once approved your picture will appear inside of the I’m a Puzzle Users’ gallery page!

Publish the puzzle to the users' gallery by setting the field privacy to public.

Users’ gallery publishing guidelines

To have your puzzle published in the Users’ Gallery, please avoid all of the below points:

Solid or transparent background-color

As the public puzzles can be played in any difficulty, an image with a solid background color could generate pieces with only one color.

Pictures with watermark

Pictures with a watermark are usually a sign that they are copyright protected. For this reason, we don’t publish them in the public gallery.

Pictures with text

The I’m a Puzzle community is totally international. Pictures with text won’t make sense for a huge number of users. We publish pictures with text only if they contain small internationally recognized English messages (e.g.: Happy Birthday).

Private life pictures or pictures with children

The public gallery images must appeal to a big group of people. Pictures, where a person is the main subject, are only published if this person is a well-known public figure.

Black and white or monochrome pictures

Pictures with a lack of colors generate extremely hard (and mostly boring) jigsaw-like puzzles.

Low-quality pictures

Images with low quality or small resolution are not suitable for all screen sizes and therefore not eligible for the users’ gallery (too dark, out-of-focus, too small, unclear picture subject, etc.).

Promotion or Marketing campaign

Pictures whose sole purpose is to promote a brand or message are not accepted in the users’ gallery.

Religious or sensitive pictures

As long as we encourage you to create puzzles that appeal to you, your community, and your friends, we don’t publish religious pictures or pictures that may be sensitive or offensive.

Duplicated pictures

The image was already submitted to the Users’ Gallery.

The policy for sharing puzzles described in the terms and conditions also applies to the pictures uploaded to the public gallery. Additionally, we might reject pictures that we consider are not of common interest.

If for any other reason your image is rejected by our editorial team, no worries: you can still play and share your game with your friends without any restrictions.

How long does the puzzle stay in the gallery

The Users’ Gallery is an ever growing resource of fun coming from our community. Great puzzles will stay there forever!

But at the end, we don’t judge what is interesting, the community does it. If your puzzle is not played at all, after some time it might be removed from the gallery. You can avoid it by sharing it in your preferred social media, with your friends or publishing it in your blog.