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We really appreciate that you are using our services. We invested a lot of time and effort (and some money) to build a great user experience for you. We would love if you share the website with your friends and relatives. But all the material on this website is protected by copyright laws.

We (im-a-puzzle.com) own and control all the copyright material on this website. Third-party software libraries and media files (e.g. images and videos) not belonging to us but properly licensed for usage are also protected by copyright laws.

You should not copy, republish, change, sell or commercially exploit in any way the material found here in any other website or publication without our consent. This would not only be very uncool but also an infringement of copyright laws.

Acceptable use

We expect you to use our website to have fun and share puzzles with your friends. You can play in your web-browser, share the puzzles and even print the pages if you like. But you should not embedded it, parts of it or any of the software code or images here found in any other website or publication without our consent.

Speaking about sharing, our website allows you to upload images and share puzzles with your friends. It comes without saying that while doing it you take full responsibility on the uploaded material meaning:

  • You are the owner of the material and no copyrights or related rights are being violated
  • You are the sole responsible in case of a copyright or law infringement by any material uploaded by you
  • The material being uploaded does not cause or may cause any damage or embarrassment to any person of group of persons
  • The material being uploaded is not obscene, abusive, illegal, racist, offensive or harmful to anyone
  • By uploading your material you grant to us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, store, and publish it.
  • By deleting your puzzle, all the related images are automatically deleted from our servers and all the rights mentioned in the above paragraph are automatically revoked.

Limited warranties

We work very hard to keep the website up-and-running for you but we cannot guarantee that the website or any of its services will be available all the time or remain available forever.

We will try to keep your images available for puzzling as long as possible but due to limited disk space we might delete images from time-to-time. We cannot be hold responsible for any kind of embarrassment or losses linked with unavailable or deleted material or services.

We will not sell your images nor use them for any other reason than puzzling without your consent. Nevertheless being this a public website hosted in a third-party data-center we cannot take any responsibility in the case that your images are downloaded or used by third-parties without your knowledge even if it causes you personal or financial damage.

Usage of cookies

Although you can block our cookies and still use our website, the usage of cookies and the local storage enhances your user experience and some special functionalities might require it. By using the website you agree with the usage of cookies and with our privacy policy.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

We know that this day will never come but if you breach these terms and conditions in any way we might block your access, block your IP, request your access to be blocked by your service provider or even commence legal action against you.


We might change the version of the website, of its software or of the terms and conditions without informing you. The revised terms and conditions applies from the date of its publication. By using the website you agree with the latest Terms and Conditions version.

The current publication date is July, 07 2020.

That’s it. We hope you have a great time playing our puzzles!