Share privacy

To increase control over your puzzle image and data, you can select the puzzle privacy when sharing it. Three privacy classes are available:

HighYour puzzle will never appear in the global leaderboards, nor the users’ gallery
NormalYour puzzle may appear in the global leaderboards if your players record a highscore
PublicYour puzzle will be submitted to the Users’ gallery and may appear in the global leaderboards

It is worth to highlight that the privacy of your puzzle has no direct relationship with the privacy of your personal data. To learn more about the privacy of your data see our privacy policy.

What are the global leaderboards?

When a user gets a highscore and signs in, the score is submitted to the global leaderboard. The best scores from the week can be seen at the I’m a Puzzle home page.

Weekly leaderboard at the home page

If you click on the Weekly Leaderboard title, the table expands and more details are shown, including the score puzzle image. Meaning that, if you select the privacy modes Normal or Public, your puzzle picture might appear in the Weekly Leaderboard and any I’m Puzzle user will be able to play it, see its picture and the name of the users that played it.

What is the Users’ Gallery

In the I’m a Puzzle images gallery there is a special section called “From Users”. Any user can submit a puzzle to this gallery. More details on the Users’ Gallery can be found here.