Quiz Editor

A Quiz Puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle where to reveal the pieces the users must answer to some Quiz questions. The Quiz Editor allows you to create and update the Quiz questions.

Title – The quiz title allows you to better manage your Quizzes and search for existing Quizzes in the main menu.

Language – Tells I’m a Puzzle how to write the Quiz questions (left-to-right or right-to-left)

Type – There are for types of quiz puzzles

  • Text: The questions and answers are all textual
  • Text + Picture answer: The questions are textual, but the answers are always a pictures that you upload yourself
  • Picture + text answer: The questions are always a picture, but the answers are text
  • Picture: Both questions and answers are pictures

Filling up the questions

To fill in the questions just type in the input boxes in the question section. Each questions must have 1 and only 1 right answer and 1 or more wrong answers.

If you select a picture mode for each question or answer you have to open an image from your device. Some browsers allow you to access the clipboard. In this case you can also paste images from the clipboard. The images (opened or pasted) are resized to a maximum size of 300px.

Adding questions

To add a question, click on the Add Question button. You can add as many questions as you like and you can have more questions than puzzle pieces. In this case, only a random subset of the questions are displayed.

Deleting a question

To delete a question, press the trash can button on the top right of the question. The quiz must have at least one question, meaning that you cannot delete all questions.

Saving your work

To save your work press the button OK. If you press Cancel, the Quiz Editor will be closed and all your changes will be lost.

The Quizzes are saved in your browser local storage. When you clear your browser storage you might lose all your saved Quizzes.