Quick Start Guide

I’m a Puzzle (im-a-puzzle.com) is a web-based game that allows you to convert any image into a free-to-play puzzle. It is very easy to create new puzzles and play. This guide gives you a quick introduction to the main features.

Getting started

When you first open the game, the main menu is displayed. Here you can select the game mode, difficulty and a picture from your device or from the gallery. Once your selection is done you can start the game by pressing the  button. You can also easily share the game with your friends by pressing the  button.

To learn more about creating and sharing your puzzle, check the article Turn a picture into a puzzle.


To play the puzzle game is very simple: just drag and drop the pieces until the image is completed! In the Slide mode, you don’t need to drag the pieces: simply click on a piece next to the blank space and it will automatically slide to it.

If you need some help solving the puzzle, you can make use of one of the helping functionalities:

  •  Preview – Displays a miniature of the picture
  • Arrange – Arranges the pieces around the edges (jigsaw modes only)
  • The borders button Borders – Hides all the middle pieces and show only the border pieces (jigsaw modes only)
  •  Numbers – Display the numbers on top of the pieces (slide and swap modes only)
  • Fullscreen – Increases the size of the game board by entering the fullscreen mode
  •  Shadow – Displays a translucent version of the image in the background of the game board
  • Configuration – Opens the configuration menu, where you can display the timer, turn on the sound and change the game board background among others.

If you like to quit the game and go back to the main menu, just click on the I’m a Puzzle logo.