Pro Puzzle

Who is the Pro Puzzle for?

The Pro Puzzle is designed for individuals and teachers that want to share puzzle games and keep track of the players performance, including how many correct answers they got in the Math and Quiz modes.

What are the benefits of the Pro Puzzle?

  • Users must sign in or enter their name before playing the game.
  • You have access to the data of all games played.
  • For Math and Quiz puzzles you have access to the results of all questions.

How do I create a Pro Puzzle?

You can create a Pro Puzzle in 4 simple steps:

Time needed: 2 minutes.

  1. Open the I’m a Puzzle website

    Just type in your web browser address bar.

  2. Configure your puzzle

    Select a picture, the puzzle mode, difficulty, and press the Share button.
    For more details on how to create a puzzle check this article.

  3. Configure the share options

    Give a title to your puzzle and mark the Pro Options checkbox.

  4. Create the puzzle

    Press the Create Puzzle button.
    If you didn’t sign yet, you will be invited to do it.
    If you don’t have any Pro Puzzle credits available you’ll be invited to acquire it.
    Create Puzzle

How can I see my Puzzle’s performance

Once you’ve created the Pro Puzzle, you will see a new button Analytics in the my My Shared Puzzles box and in the My Puzzle page. Just click this button to open the puzzle analytics page.

Do you want to see how it works?

Click here to play a Pro puzzle.
And click here to see how the Advanced Analytics page looks like.

Can I combine the Premium and Pro Puzzle features?

Of course you can! All you have to do is to check both boxes: Premium options and Pro options

Do you want to know more?

Then drop us a message using the form below. You can also check here the difference between Exclusive Puzzle, Premium Puzzle and Pro Puzzle.