Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this FAQ is to provide information on frequent questions or concerns regarding the I’m a Puzzle game. If you don’t find your question answered her below, please contact us.

How do I create and share a jigsaw puzzle?

To learn how to create and share a jigsaw puzzle online, please check the tutorial: Turn a picture into a puzzle.

Can I share my puzzles anywhere?

Yes, you can share your puzzles anywhere. I’m a Puzzle doesn’t charge you for shared puzzles. Please note that you are the sole responsible for the contents of the puzzle image (see more at Terms and Conditions of Use).

Do I have to login/sign in to create or play a puzzle?

No, you don’t have to sign in to create or play a free puzzle. In some occasions, you may be required to sign in like when you create a public puzzle or a pro puzzle. Signing in before or after playing a puzzle allows you to keep track of your scores and participate in the leaderboards. Signing in before creating a puzzle gives you a better tracking of the created puzzles.

How do I see my created puzzles?

After creating a puzzle, you will see in the I’m a Puzzle home page a new box “My Shared Puzzles”. In the desktop version you will see it in the top left and in the mobile version below the puzzle preview image.
In this box you can see the last 3 created puzzles. By clicking in the title of this box, you can see all your created puzzles. If you signed in before creating the puzzles, you will see this box only after signing in again.

My Shared puzzles box

How do I delete a created puzzle?

To delete a puzzle, in the My Shared puzzles box, click in the puzzle title to open it. In the puzzle page, click in the Edit button. If you cannot find your puzzle, please contact us and send us the puzzle link to be deleted.Delete a puzzle