Differences between the Exclusive, Premium and Pro Puzzles

You want to turn off the ads and the helpers’ buttons, and you’re wondering what are the differences between the Exclusive Puzzle, the Premium Puzzle, and the Pro Puzzle?

Here follows the features comparison to help you in your decision:

FeatureExclusive PuzzlePremium PuzzlePro Puzzle
In a nutshellCreate as many puzzles as you like to be played in a website rebranded with your logo and name without ads and game helpersCreate one puzzle without ads and helpersCreate one puzzle to track the players progress
All game helpers disabled
No advertisements
Allow embedding puzzles
Rebranded mini-site with your name and logo
Home button sends the user back to your page
No game suggestions at the game over page
Advanced analytics (incl. Quiz and Math results)
Users must enter the name before starting the game(optional)
Designed forMarketing campaigns and educational institutionsIndividuals and TeachersIndividuals and Teachers
Payment modelSubscriptionPay-per-puzzlePay-per-puzzle (currently free)
How do I create itContact usDirectly from the websiteDirectly from the website
Puzzles includedNo limits11
DurationMonthly or Yearly renewable60 days60 days
ExampleFictive Car Repair WebsitePremium Puzzle examplePro Puzzle example

Frequently asked questions

Can I combine the Premium Puzzle and the Pro Puzzle?

Yes, just check both boxes

How much does the Exclusive Puzzle costs?

The exclusive puzzle works on a subscription basis. For price inquiries, please contact us directly.

How much does the Premium Puzzle costs?

The Premium Puzzle price varies slightly depending on the currency. To learn the price in your region, follow the procedure to create a Premium Puzzle. In the payment window you will see the price.

How much does the Pro Puzzle costs?

For the time being the Pro Puzzle is entirely free. If you combine it with the Premium Puzzle, you’ll be charge for the Premium Puzzle price only.