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We are constantly trying to make the game more fun to play. This includes having a fair score system. This week we rolled out the following changes, to add more competitivity to the weekly leaderboard: Only games published during the week will be part of the weekly leaderboard. That means, […]

Changes in the weekly leaderboard rules

Puzzles are loved by everybody, but not everybody share the same interest. And to reach everyone’s hearts, we need your help. As a compensation we are offering up to 80% revenue share on the newly created puzzle websites What are we looking for: You are a puzzle fan You are […]

We are looking for partners to create thematic puzzle websites

Do you need to get and important call or just do a bio break and you don’t want to lose your highscore? No worries, now you can pause and resume the puzzle games. The pause button is available in the game play, close to the timer. If you don’t see […]

New Feature: Game Pause

Forgot to buy a gift for Valentine’s day? Send a Valentine’s puzzle to him/her telling how deep is your love. Or even better: send a Video Puzzle! On Valentine’s day, everyone can create and share video Puzzle. You just need to sign in first. To create a Video Puzzle, Go […]

On Valentine’s day, everyone can share a video puzzle

At I’m a Puzzle we receive daily, loads of user feedback. As usual, the approval rate still stays very high! We put a lot of effort into innovation (e.g.: video puzzle, COVID puzzle) in the last months. But on our last release (2021-Feb-10) we focus mostly on enhancing the game […]

Exciting changes in the puzzle gameplay

We had an exciting release this weekend with many stabilizations and enhancements. But the coolest feature is the ability to share your scores. After completing a game (and if your score is bigger than 0 😉), you can now share your score on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other Social […]

Share your Puzzle Game Scores

After more than 1.5 million puzzles played, we gathered enough data to make our score calculation formula fairer. If you are familiar with our quite simple score algorithm, nothing much changed: the faster the better and using helpers (shadow, miniature, or display numbers) give you a penalty. The only difference […]

Puzzle Scores Formula Reviewed

During Christmas time, I’m a Puzzle proudly brings to you our special Christmas jigsaw puzzle free online game. Using our unique algorithms, I’m a Puzzle generates a free online jigsaw like puzzle out of any picture, but with special Christmas pieces: angels, Christmas trees and much more. You can create, […]

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

I'm a puzzle - Highscores
To increase even more the game play experience of the best online puzzle game on the web, we implemented for you a scoring system. Now you keep track of your best performances or compete with your friends. As usual, no registration is required. You just have to sign in with […]

Online Puzzle Game now with Highscores

I’m a Puzzle is a free website that allows you to create your own puzzle games online. All you need is a picture! To open I’m a Puzzle just click on this link: https://im-a-puzzle.com You can create 4 types of puzzle games online: Classic, Hearts, Slide and Swap. The classic […]

Puzzle Games Online