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Biology puzzle example
By Manuela Marques Tchoe It’s no secret that puzzles are amazing tools to help students of all ages to develop logical thinking, improve memory and boost problem-solving skills. By matching the right pieces together, the brain creates new neural connections not only because playing puzzles is challenging – but also […]

4 Ways Teachers Can Enhance Learning with Digital Puzzles

Video Puzzle
A video puzzle is an online jigsaw puzzle where the pieces create a video instead of a static picture. Only at I'm a Puzzle you can create, play and share free video jigsaw puzzles.

Create a Video Puzzle online for free

Birthdays are one of life’s most important occasions, especially for children. They’re a reminder of the day you were born and a great occasion to gather family and friends. A fun and unique way for a birthday invitation is to create an interactive “Puzzle invitation”! There are many advantages on […]

Creating an original and fun birthday puzzle invitation

Share a puzzle to Google Classroom
With I’m a Puzzle is easy to create a free and interactive jigsaw puzzle assignment in Google Classroom. You can combine the puzzle with Math or Quiz questions to make it even more educational and fun. Create and share the Puzzle in Google Classroom

How to create a Puzzle Assignment in Google Classroom

It is a known fact that doing jigsaw puzzles develops several functions of the brain simultaneously as a child has fun and also learns. And there are at least 10 known benefits of Quizzes in education. What about merging both: A fun and educational Quiz Puzzle game with all the […]

Improve homeschooling with Quiz Puzzles

A very positive Facebook post
Online jigsaw puzzles are a fun way to engage your audience and pimp your Facebook Page. Everybody knows how to play them from kids to seniors. The players must constantly focus on your picture and there nothing more satisfying than putting the last piece of the puzzle.

How to publish an interactive jigsaw puzzle on Facebook

Puzzle Gallery for Kids
Puzzle games provide kids an educational entertainment option during the Coronavirus lockdown. To ease out moms and dads during this hard time, the I’m a Puzzle team developed a new puzzle gallery for kids: The science behind it It is well known that puzzle games are beneficial for child […]

Puzzle Games for Kids as educational entertainment

Welcome to I’m a puzzle, a totally free jigsaw puzzle maker online. You can create as many puzzles as you like. You can make puzzles out of any picture. You can play your custom-made puzzles or share with your friends in all social medias. No time for reading? Then click […]

Jigsaw puzzle maker online

Share dialog
Did you ever wanted to turn a picture into a free online jigsaw puzzle and share it with your friends? With I’m a Puzzle this is a very easy! You can create, play and share as many jigsaw puzzles as you wish in all social medias. It runs on all […]

Turn a picture into a puzzle