Physical vs. online puzzle for kids

Which one is the best: a physical or an online puzzle for kids? We asked the same question and tried to answer it to you on this article.

Physical jigsaw puzzle games are the ones we all grew up with. They have been a continuous feature in everyone’s upbringing since the first jigsaw puzzle was created in 1766.
John Spilsbury’s “Europe divided into its kingdoms, etc.”

There are many kinds of physical jigsaw puzzles. The original puzzles were made of wood. Subsequently, they were replaced with lighter materials such as paper or cardboard. The pieces and format evolved and now we do even have 3D jigsaw puzzles.

An online puzzle for kids, on the other hand, is one that you play on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. The first jigsaw software games were simply digital replicas of the popular traditional jigsaw. The image is cut into pieces and the user uses the cursor to position the pieces on the virtual board.

Advantages of digital puzzles for kids

The new thing about online puzzles for kids is that it allows for more variety. Take this free online jigsaw puzzle website as example. It lets you select any image to play and has many different kinds of piece cuts. On top, it comes with very creative kinds of puzzles for kids, like animated puzzles (where the image moves), Quiz puzzles, and Math puzzles. They have a special kid’s online puzzle gallery, with amazing images for children of all ages!

Math jigsaw puzzle example
A Math Puzzle example

You don’t need to register to play on these jigsaw puzzle websites. You may play with a timer to keep track of your progress or just hide the timer if you just want to take your time. They also come with a large variety of pictures to solve on a daily basis.

As you see, there are infinite possibilities when dealing with an online puzzle for kids.

Considerations when choosing the best puzzle format for your kid

Because digital formats are so handy, it is no surprise that it attracts many people. But what are the other aspects to consider?

As online puzzles do not contain physical parts, you don’t have to worry about losing pieces, which is one of the worst nightmares of daily puzzlers. And kids are usually not careful when putting the pieces back to the box.

It is also completely free. Players may simply go to their preferred website or app; choose the picture they wish to solve and start playing. While on a traditional puzzle, you have to acquire and store them.

That doesn’t mean that online puzzles completely replace the physical ones.

First, there is the physical sensation while playing puzzles, which you don’t have in the online format. It is also a great method to help children learn spatial language skills. While in some online puzzles you can play in groups, it doesn’t replace the bonding you acquire when solving a puzzle together. Last but not the least, every responsible parent don’t want their kids to be in front of a screen the whole day.

The Main Thing

When it comes to jigsaw puzzles for your children, there are two different formats that complement each other and that are equally valuable. The important point is that kids will profit from these instructional puzzles in terms of patience, problem-solving abilities, logical thinking, and motor dexterity. In a nutshell, puzzles help children grow and learn.

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