Doing online jigsaw puzzles is good for your brain

Have you ever heard that solving a puzzle for 30 minutes every day can enhance your memory? We at I’m a Puzzle did. And we were left wondering: Is doing jigsaw puzzles good for the brain? And if yes, why is that?

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Why are puzzles so beneficial to the brain?

We expected to find the usual things during our research for the benefits of online jigsaw puzzles. But we discovered some incredible perks we hadn’t considered before!
So, here are the most intriguing advantages for your brain we’ve discovered that can come with a good puzzle!

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Short-term memory can be improved with online jigsaw puzzles

Working on a jigsaw puzzle for around 20 minutes a day has been found to boost short-term memory in certain studies. You’re forced to recall where matching pieces are, the form of a component you’re looking for, or even a color when putting together a puzzle. These memory strategies, when used, can help one’s short-term memory!

Online jigsaw puzzles increases your capacity to focus

Your brain’s capacity to focus on a single activity improves when you allow yourself to focus on one objective and one component at a time. Being able to focus on one subject, especially in this modern world, is not simple. Focusing on a puzzle may help you focus more on studies, work responsibilities, and even hobbies! If you’re having trouble focusing on one activity at a time, pick up a puzzle and practice being attentive to one piece at a time.

Improve your problem-solving skills

While the science of ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ is still debated, some experts believe that puzzles activate both sides of the brain. This implies that while you’re putting a puzzle together, you’re using both the creative and logical sides of your brain, which helps you solve problems better! So, whether you’re looking for a way to enhance your reasoning abilities or a way to express yourself creatively, a puzzle is ideal for you!

We hope at least one of these advantages has piqued your curiosity and that you also now believes that doing online jigsaw puzzles is good for your brain. When you’re solving a puzzle the next time at I’m a Puzzle, your brain is doing a lot of work for you!

If you are a teacher, you can also boost your students interest and brain by creating jigsaw puzzle assignments!

Is there any additional advantage you can think of to puzzles?

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  • Lisa F. McGuire

    Awesome! So very happy to hear this. I just knew “puzzle doing” was good for my brain. (Hehe he hehehe.)