Creating an original and fun birthday puzzle invitation

Birthdays are one of life’s most important occasions, especially for children.

They’re a reminder of the day you were born and a great occasion to gather family and friends. A fun and unique way for a birthday invitation is to create an interactive “Puzzle invitation”!

Birthday puzzle invitation

There are many advantages on creating a puzzle invitation over sending a paper one:

  • You are not limited to what you find in the shop next door. There are so many options and designs available that the possibilities are practically unlimited.
  • You are flexible to create as many individual invitations as you wish, no need to run errands or go to a store for a last minute purchase.
  • No purchasing or postage costs: a puzzle invitation can be created online within minutes for free.
  • Paperless, therefore good for the environment, as all kids learn from an early age at the kindergarten or school.
  • The guests have fun solving the puzzle to find out about the party!

Whether you are planning a themed party, a movie-sleepover party or a fun day at the pool, let’s create our own invitation or use one of the fun examples we have on the website for free.

How to create and send the puzzle invitation

Creating the Invitation

The first step is to find the right design for your card. On the very bottom of this article you will find many backgrounds for birthday invitation. But if you are not impressed by any of them, you can just do an image search. Try this one for example: Search for “child birthday invitation template“.

Once you find the right image, save it to your device. Open the image on your preferred Image Editor and customize it with the invitation text. Please note that the guests might be solving the puzzle in a mobile device, so you should use a readable and big enough font for the text.

Creating the puzzle

Once you’ve created the invitation image with text, open the website I’m a Puzzle (

Click in the button My Pictures and select the image you just saved.

Select the puzzle mode and difficulty. If you are creating the invitation for kids, we suggest you use the Classic jigsaw mode or the Swap mode and difficulty Easy or Medium.

Finally press the button Share to enter the Share dialog.

Sharing the puzzle

In the share dialog you can customize how the Share Image looks like and add a loading or an end message. To do so just click on more options >>. The Share Image is used if you decide to share the invitation via Social Media.

If you like to know who played your puzzle, check the Pro Options.

Once you are finished press the Create Puzzle button.

On the next screen, you have many different options to share the puzzle (Email, link, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.). Just choose the one that better suits you.

Layout templates

Here you find some free birthday invitation templates that you can use to create your invitation for:

  • Pool Party Birthday
  • 1st birthday
  • 2nd birthday
  • Aloha Party
  • Movie Night Birthday
  • Escape Game Birthday
  • Pajamas Party
  • Princess Party
  • Superhero Party

To save the images on your device:

  1. Click or tap on the desired image
  2. Right click (Windows) or tap and hold (mobile) on the image and select the option to save the image on your device

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