Changes in the weekly leaderboard rules

We are constantly trying to make the game more fun to play. This includes having a fair score system. This week we rolled out the following changes, to add more competitivity to the weekly leaderboard:

  • Only games published during the week will be part of the weekly leaderboard. That means, playing the same old game every week won’t bring you to the top anymore 😉.
  • We re-calibrated the score formula for the Hearts puzzle, as this was giving better scores than the other modes.

As in the last times we did changes in the score system, this won’t affect the past weekly leaderboards.

Just as a recap, your score is based on the time you finished the puzzle and using any of the helpers (miniature, shadow, borders or numbers) will give you a penalty in the score. If you need more information on the score system, check the article Online Puzzle Game now with Highscores or contact us.

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2 thoughts on “Changes in the weekly leaderboard rules

  • David Woodworth

    Can you clarify which games are “games published during the week”? Of course new Daily games would be included, but how about any new games from users? Is there an easy way to see which ones are new? Do they count?

    Thanks, Woody

    • I'm a Puzzle Team Post author

      Hi Woody,

      Thanks for your comment. Games from the users are also included. What counts is the date when they were created. We will take your suggestion and implement an easy way to find out which games are valid for the weekly leaderboard.