On Valentine’s day, everyone can share a video puzzle

Forgot to buy a gift for Valentine’s day? Send a Valentine’s puzzle to him/her telling how deep is your love. Or even better: send a Video Puzzle!

On Valentine’s day, everyone can create and share video Puzzle. You just need to sign in first.

To create a Video Puzzle,

  1. Go to https://im-a-puzzle.com
  2. Sign in with your social media account
  3. Click on the button Video and select a video file

From that point on, it works like creating a regular puzzle. The video puzzle has some constraints:

  1. The video file cannot be bigger than 5MBytes
  2. The video should be short. Any video bigger than 15 secs is automatically trimmed on our servers.

Please note that video puzzles that do not comply to our guidelines (not political, not offensive, no explicit content, etc.) will be automatically deleted.

Need inspiration or no time to create your own video? You can try sharing our Valentine’s special Video Puzzle:

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