Exciting changes in the puzzle gameplay

At I’m a Puzzle we receive daily, loads of user feedback. As usual, the approval rate still stays very high!

We put a lot of effort into innovation (e.g.: video puzzle, COVID puzzle) in the last months. But on our last release (2021-Feb-10) we focus mostly on enhancing the game usability based on the user’s feedback. We implemented long-requested features like displaying the time, displaying only the border pieces, and dragging without holding the mouse button. And this is just the beginning 😊. Stay tuned and we will come with new enhancements for you.

Layout changes

Configuring before start

Now you can configure some of the game aspects before starting the game by clicking on the right top gear button.

Where is the home button?!

In the gameplay area, the home button was obsolete. To return to the main menu, just click on the logo. The gear button is also available in the Play area now.

New Features

Borders (or show borders only)

For all jigsaw-like puzzles, it is now possible to hide the middle pieces and show only the borders. This is particularly helpful for players that prefer to start with the border pieces.

Please note that, as with the other helpers, using the Borders helper will give you a small time penalty and influence your final score.


For those that like to track their time, you can now display the times in the game window. This option is available in the settings dropdown (gear button) and it is turned off by default.

Drag after click (or dragging without holding the mouse button)

Now you no longer need to hold the mouse button to drag the pieces: you can simply click on a piece and drag it around. On touch devices, it works a little bit differently. you can touch a piece and then touch a place where you want to move the piece.

Of course, you can still click/tap and drag the piece as you used to do it before (by holding the mouse button or moving your finger around the screen).

This new feature is turned on by default and it is only applicable for jigsaw-like puzzles (with the exception of Animated puzzles). If it annoys you, you can always turn it off in the settings dropdown.

Auto background

This one came from our innovation department. Depending on the puzzle image, the default white background might not have enough contrast and some people might find it hard to distinguish the pieces.

By selecting the auto theme, instead of a white background, a gentle texture is custom generated for each puzzle, trying to maximize the contrast.

This option is set by default for new users. For existing users, you can select this option via the settings dropdown.

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