How to create a Puzzle Assignment in Google Classroom

With I’m a Puzzle is easy to create a free and interactive jigsaw puzzle assignment in Google Classroom. You can combine the puzzle with Math or Quiz questions to make it even more educational and fun.

Create and share the Puzzle in Google Classroom

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To create and share a Puzzle to Google Classroom, simply follow the below steps.

  1. Enter the I’m a Puzzle website

    In your Internet browser, open the website

  2. Select a picture

    Click the button My Pictures and select a picture for your puzzle.
    My Pictures

  3. Select the puzzle mode

    Select one of the various game modes.

    Note: The game modes may vary depending on the season and device you are using.

  4. (Optional) Setup the Math or Quiz options

    If you select the Math or Quiz game modes, you’ll be given additional configuration options. To learn more about them, check these articles:
    Math puzzle settings
    Improve homeschooling with Quiz Puzzles

  5. Select the puzzle difficulty

    Setup the game difficulty according to your students age. The more difficult the game is, the more pieces there are.

  6. Click on the Share button

    Click on the button Share to open the Share dialog

  7. Configure the share options

    In the Share dialog, you can give a title to your puzzle and configure some other options, like a message to display at the game over window.

    TIP: If you want to make sure that the players will play the game until the end and not use any helper like the Solve button, select the Premium Options.

  8. Create the puzzle

    Click on the Create puzzle button to start the puzzle creation process.
    Create Puzzle

  9. Share to Google Classroom

    When the picture upload finishes, you’ll be redirected to the My puzzle dialog. Click on the Share to Classroom button to create the puzzle assignment.

  10. Setup the assignment and send to your students

    From this point you’re in the Google Classroom website and can create the assignment like any other assignment.

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