Improve homeschooling with Quiz Puzzles

It is a known fact that doing jigsaw puzzles develops several functions of the brain simultaneously as a child has fun and also learns. And there are at least 10 known benefits of Quizzes in education.

What about merging both: A fun and educational Quiz Puzzle game with all the benefits of jigsaw puzzles and quiz games together.

Only at I’m a Puzzle you can create, play, and share free online Quiz Puzzle games to make your digital assignments more entertaining.

What is a Quiz Puzzle?

A Quiz Puzzle is an online jigsaw puzzle game, where some of the pieces are “hidden” behind quiz-like questions. To uncover the pieces, the user has to first click on the right answer.

Once all the pieces are uncovered, the user can complete the puzzle by dragging the pieces together.

Do you want to see how it works? Try it yourself:

Play the Eiffel Tower Quiz Puzzle

How do I create a Quiz Puzzle?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Creating and sharing a free online Quiz Puzzle can be achieved in very simple steps:

  1. Enter the I’m a Puzzle website

    In your Internet browser, type in the address bar.

  2. Select a picture

    In the I’m a Puzzle homepage, click the My pictures button and choose a picture from your device.

  3. Create a new Quiz

    Select the Quiz game mode and press the button Create new quiz to enter the Quiz Editor.

  4. Configure your quiz

    In the Quiz editor, enter a title for your quiz, select the Language and the quiz type. The quiz type defines how the questions and answers are displayed to the player
    – Text: The questions and answers are all textual
    – Text + Picture answer: The questions are textual, but the answers are always a pictures that you upload yourself
    – Picture + text answer: The questions are always a picture, but the answers are text
    – Picture: Both questions and answers are pictures

  5. Enter the first question

    Type a question with 1 correct answer, and 1 to 4 incorrect ones. Please note that people will play your game on mobile devices too. Try not to write too lengthy questions and answers.
    If you select one of the picture modes, you can upload a picture for the question and/or answers. Some browsers allow you to paste the picture from the Clipboard.

  6. Add more questions

    Click the Add question button to add more questions. You can add as many questions as you like. When finished, press the OK button to save and close the Quiz Editor.

  7. Select the game difficulty

    The harder the game, the more pieces it has.Game difficulties

  8. Try out your game (optional)

    Press the start button to play your game.

  9. Share your puzzle

    Click the Share button to open the share dialog.

  10. Enter the share details

    In the share dialog, enter a name to your puzzle game. By clicking on more options you can customize the puzzle share preview image and the messages displayed before and after the game.Share dialog

  11. Create the puzzle

    Press the Create Puzzle button to upload the image and create the puzzle in the I’m a Puzzle website.
    Create Puzzle

  12. Share your puzzle

    Select one of the share options or simply click the Copy link button and paste the link in any application you like (e. g. Gmail).My puzzle page

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