How to create fun and educational math jigsaw puzzles

All teachers know the benefits of jigsaw puzzles in children’s education. They help in developing patience, concentration, problem-solving, and memory. But most importantly, they are fun and kids love them. We at I’m a Puzzle combined the fun of jigsaw puzzles with math exercises to make learning and studying easier and more entertaining for kids.

In this article you will learn how to create and share a free math jigsaw puzzle.

The math jigsaw puzzle

In the math jigsaw puzzle, the puzzle pieces are hidden behind math challenges. To uncover the pieces, the player must first solve the mathematical equation.

As a teacher or parent, you can create and share as many math puzzles as you like. You can adjust the puzzle and math difficulties independently to the level and age of your students or children. You can set up a very simple math puzzle for preschool kids or select the different operators (addition, subtraction, etc.) and number ranges for school kids. It covers the whole basic school cycle and beyond.

Every new puzzle has a new set of mathematical problems so that the kids cannot simply memorize the results or copy from someone.

All puzzles created in the I’m a Puzzle website are free and can be played in any device (desktop or mobile) and browser. It doesn’t require login nor the installation of any plugin for playing.

Creating a math puzzle in 7 steps

To create a free math puzzle online out of any picture is very simple:

  1. Open the I’m a Puzzle website:
  2. Click in the button My pictures to select a picture of your own, or click in the button More pictures to select a picture from our gallery. We have a special Kids gallery with images suitable for Kids of all ages.
  3. Click the button Math to the select the Math puzzle mode.
  4. Select the puzzle difficulty. The harder the puzzles, the more pieces it has.
  5. Select the difficulty of the Math problems. You can select one of the predefined modes or you can customize it to your players. We have a full article explaining how to set up the custom math puzzle settings.

    Hint: When playing the math puzzle, kids can feel overwhelmed with the number of math expression they have to solve. In the Math Puzzle Settings you can limit this number. Use it and find the balance between fun and challenge.
  6. Press the Share button.
  7. If you are creating a puzzle from your own picture, give your puzzle a title and press the Create Puzzle button.

That’s it! A puzzle link will be created for you and you can share it in any social media you like or simply copy and send it to your friends, children, or students.

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