Puzzle Scores Formula Reviewed

After more than 1.5 million puzzles played, we gathered enough data to make our score calculation formula fairer. If you are familiar with our quite simple score algorithm, nothing much changed: the faster the better and using helpers (shadow, miniature, or display numbers) give you a penalty.

The only difference is how the points are distributed among different games and difficulties. In the first algorithm version, the points were distributed based on a formula, which used a lot of extrapolation. In the reviewed formula the points distribution is based on all the data collected from all games played.

Why did we change it?

The puzzle score calculation changed as we noticed that playing some type of games would give you a consistently better score than other games. Also, some of the leaderboard highscores were being attributed to very easy games. Based on all the puzzle game data gathered and processed we managed to capture the inherent difficulty of each puzzle game mode at all levels.

With the new formula you should expect that:

  • Being the best in a given game mode (e.g. Classic, Swap, Slide) should give you a similar score to the best in another game mode
  • Being the best in a game with many pieces should give you a better score than the best in the same game with fewer pieces

The past is in the past (not really)…

All the old scores were recalculated as well as the highscore board for each game mode and difficulty. This hard decision was taken so that the score boards keep the coherency and that new players have equal chances as the past ones. The weekly leaderboards were kept untouched in honor of our previous heros.

Should I expect more changes?

As we introduce new games the score calculation for these games must be adjusted, but we believe that for the current games, it should be kept untouched. Whenever we decide to change it again, you will be informed via this channel.

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4 thoughts on “Puzzle Scores Formula Reviewed

  • David Woodworrh

    First, Thank you for your puzzle website! It has given me many hours of pleasure-
    especially after a different website using flash technology went “goodbye”.

    Second, Thank you also, for keeping the historical “weekly leaderboard” intact, at least for now. After my retirement a couple of years ago, at least I could see that I was not totally “over the hill”. The 9 weeks or so that I achieved number 1 are a source of pride for me, especially because of my poor vision and slow reflexes.

    We are suddenly in a different time.

    Now there are different rules, changed amounts of available time, and perhaps less patience. I think your website deserves a shout out for its ability to distract our fellow citizens from their problems.

    Hear hear!

    Sincerely, Woody