Puzzle Games for Kids as educational entertainment

Puzzle games provide kids an educational entertainment option during the Coronavirus lockdown. To ease out moms and dads during this hard time, the I’m a Puzzle team developed a new puzzle gallery for kids:


I'm a Puzzle - Kids Puzzle Gallery

The science behind it

It is well known that puzzle games are beneficial for child development. Not only educators recommend it, but also research proves the benefits. Solving puzzles helps children developing some very basic skills like

  • The concept of ‘whole’ vs fragmentation
  • Shape recognition
  • Concentration, patience, goal setting and achieving results
  • Memory, problem-solving and visual-perception

A physical puzzle or a video-game puzzle brings different benefits for your child. While both help your child to develop concentration, patience and problem-solving skills, a real puzzle might help small toddlers with coordination. Whereas an online jigsaw puzzle helps preschoolers and school kids with fine motor coordination. It is suitable for any kid that is old enough to handle a mobile device.

Easy to use and limitless

As a big plus, I’m a Puzzle allows you to create as many puzzles as you like out of any picture or photo. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for kids to create and play games without the supervision of an adult. It works very well on mobile phones and tablets, which are easier to use for small kids. But it also allows the creation of big complex puzzles for older kids in desktop computers.

I’m a puzzle is an educational entertainment option for kids. It relieves the parents from paying constant attention to their kids and gives them some free time to focus on their remote work duties.

It comes without saying that you should monitor and limit the screen time of your kids. But in comparison with other online services, I’m a Puzzle brings way more benefits than just having your kids browsing infinitely through YouTube or TikTok videos without any supervision or censorship.

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