Jigsaw puzzle maker online

Welcome to I’m a puzzle, a totally free jigsaw puzzle maker online. You can create as many puzzles as you like. You can make puzzles out of any picture. You can play your custom-made puzzles or share with your friends in all social medias.

No time for reading? Then click here to open the jigsaw puzzle maker!

I’m a puzzle unique responsive design, works in all kinds of devices, from desktops to mobile phones or tablets. It is also compatible with all modern browsers and doesn’t require installation or special permissions.

An image is stronger than 1000 words, so check out all the puzzle options you get for free:

To make your online jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Select the puzzle mode
  2. Select the difficulty
  3. Click at “My Pictures” and select a picture from your device

To start playing, simply press the Play button. If you want to share the puzzle with your friends, click on Share. Once you’ve created and shared a puzzle, I’m a puzzle will automatically keep track of the highscores and best players.

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