Turn a picture into a puzzle

Did you ever wanted to turn a picture into a free online jigsaw puzzle and share it with your friends? With I’m a Puzzle this is a very easy! You can create, play and share as many jigsaw puzzles as you wish in all social medias. It runs on all modern browsers including mobile devices without the need to install any add on.

No time for reading? Then click here to create your puzzle online now!

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To create and share a free online jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Open I’m a Puzzle

    In your Internet browser, open the I’m a Puzzle website:

  2. Select a picture

    Click the My pictures button to select a picture. Your device will open the correspondent open image dialog. In mobile devices, you can also open the Camera and take a picture on the fly.

  3. Select the puzzle mode

    You can select one of the 8 puzzle modes available. For more information on puzzle modes, check here.Game modes

  4. Select the game difficulty

    Select one of the five difficulty modes. The more difficulty the puzzle, the more pieces it has.Game difficulties

  5. Click the Share button

    Click the Share button, to open the share options page.

  6. Configure the puzzle share options

    Add a title to your puzzle. By clicking in the more options link, you can add a loading message and a message to show when the game is over. In the more options you can also adjust the Social Media preview image using the sliders to disclose or scramble the puzzle image.Share dialog

  7. Generate the puzzle link

    Finally click the Create Puzzle button. Your image and preview will be uploaded to the I’m a Puzzle website and an unique link to your puzzle will be generated.


The above steps are also demonstrated in this video:

Once done you will have the option to share the puzzle in your preferred social media network, or simply copy the link and share it with your friends.

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