Online Puzzle Game now with Highscores

To increase even more the game play experience of the best online puzzle game on the web, we implemented for you a scoring system. Now you keep track of your best performances or compete with your friends. As usual, no registration is required. You just have to sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

The scoring system is based on past game statistics and complex mathematical formulas. But in a nutshell: it is mostly influenced by the time to finish the puzzle. The faster, the higher.

Highscore table

Other components that might influence your final score, is the usage of game helpers. If you use the image preview, the shadow (translucent image in the background), display only borders or display numbers in the pieces, a penalty is added to your final score. The longer you keep them on, the greater the penalty.

That’s why in some cases you might see a higher game score above another one with less time. This comes from the fact that the user with the lower score made use of some helper.

Signing in

You can sign in to your Google or Facebook account in the main screen, by clicking or tapping in the  button. Just choose your preferred platform and follow the regular sign in process. The first time you sign in on a device, it will be asked if you would like to associate the games played on your actual device with your account.

Alternatively, when you finish a game, you will also have the possibility to sign in with your account. So don’t worry about missing the chance to record a great Highscore!

Viewing Highscores

You can view your best scores and last played game by clicking or tapping in the  button and clicking or tapping in your account name.

When selecting a game from our gallery, it is also now displayed all the high scores for that particular game on the selected mode and difficulty. By clicking or tapping in the  title you can see all Highscores in all modes and difficulties.

Signing out

If you are playing in a shared computer or if you and your friends are playing on the same device, you can sign out by clicking or tapping in the  button and selecting Sign out.

That’s it, we will keep continuously enhancing I’m a Puzzle so that you have the always free best online puzzle game on the net even better.

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