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I’m a Puzzle is a free website that allows you to create your own puzzle games online. All you need is a picture!

To open I’m a Puzzle just click on this link: https://im-a-puzzle.com

You can create 4 types of puzzle games online: Classic, Hearts, Slide and Swap.

The classic puzzle is the most known one. Your picture will be cut into jigsaw like puzzle pieces and scrambled inside of the game area. To finish the puzzle game one has to assemble all pieces together.

The hearts puzzle looks very much like the free jigsaw puzzle online. The difference is that some pieces are cut into heart shapes.

The slide puzzle is very tricky and requires a lot of patience. The picture is cut into squares an the pieces are scrambled inside of the puzzle area. One square is left empty. You can only slide one piece at a time to the blank square and do it recursively until the puzzle is solved. If you are having problems solving it, check the article: How to solve a slide puzzle regardless of its size.

The swap puzzle is a little easier and very good for kids. In this mode, the puzzle is cut in squares an the pieces are scrambled inside of the puzzle area. By click and dragging a piece on the top of another will swap the pieces.

Once you’ve created your puzzle you can click on the button Share and share your online puzzle game with your friends using any social media network. On the share screen you can setup the title, the message that will appear before the puzzle is created and the message that will appear at the end of the game.

That’s it. Have fun!

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