Daily Jigsaw Puzzle

Every day there is a new free online puzzle at “I’m a Puzzle” for you. You can go directly to our special Daily Jigsaw Puzzle page:


To play the daily jigsaw puzzle is very easy:

  1. Open the link above
  2. Click on the image to start the “I’m a puzzle” game engine
  3. Select the puzzle mode:
    1. Jigsaw => Classic jigsaw puzzle
    2. Hearts => Like the jigsaw but pieces are heart-shped
    3. Swap => Image is break into squares. Swap pieces to solve the puzzle
    4. Slide => Slide the pieces to the blank square to solve the puzzle
  4. Select the difficulty level
  5. Press play
  6. Solve the puzzle! To solve the puzzle you have to rebuild the image by dragging and dropping the pieces. If you are having difficulties you can use the help buttons:
    1. Preview: Display a miniature of the image
    2. Shadow: Display a translucent image in the board
    3. Arrange: Arrange the pieces to the side so that you have more space (jigsaw and heart mode only)
    4. Display numbers: Display numbers above the pieces to make it easier to solve the puzzle (swap and slide mode only)
  7. Share! During setup, play mode or after the game is finished, you can always share the puzzle with your friends. Just click on the share button and select your preferred Social Media network. You can also share the puzzles by e-mail or Whatsapp.

As you see is very easy to play “I’m a puzzle” daily’s puzzle.

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