Free Jigsaw Puzzle Online to Play without Download

Play as many jigsaw puzzles online as you like! With I’m a puzzle you can turn any picture into a free jigsaw puzzle. And it is really easy to create and play free jigsaw puzzles (it can also be hard, if you set it to the Hard mode 😉 ).

Don’t have time for explanations?

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How to play a free jigsaw puzzle online

It is really simple to make, play and share your free jigsaw puzzle online:

1. Open the “I’m a Puzzle” website

Click on the link

2. Select a picture for your online puzzle

You can select a picture from your device (e.g.: camera, existing file) or from the I’m a Puzzle picture gallery.

Choose a picture for the free jigsaw puzzle online

3. Select the puzzle game mode

Select from the following game modes:

  • Jigsaw: The classic jigsaw puzzle mode.
  • Hearts: Like the jigsaw puzzle mode, but some pieces have a heart shaped format.
  • Star: Like the jigsaw puzzle mode, but some pieces have a star shaped format.
  • Swap: All the pieces are squared but scrambled. To solve the puzzle drag one piece on top of the other to swap them.
  • Slide: All the pieces are squared and there is one empty square. Click on a piece close to the empty square to slide it to that position. Do it over again and again to solve the puzzle.

4. Select the jigsaw difficulty level

The difficulty level tells in how many puzzle pieces the picture should be cut. Available difficulty levels are: easy, medium, hard and supreme.

5. Press the play button to start the free online jigsaw puzzle

Once you are happy with your puzzle setup, just press the Play button any you are ready for hours and hours of fun. To play the puzzle game is very intuitive: Just drag-and-drop to assemble the hidden image. In the top bar, some action buttons like Preview, Shadow and Arrange might help you to solve the puzzle.

Share the free online jigsaw puzzle

Why not share the fun with your friends? Before starting the game or after it is completed you can press the Share button to send the free online jigsaw puzzle game to your friends or share it on your preferred social media network.

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